Ford Dealership FAQ

Which Ford dealership has the best deals?

Milnes Ford Lease Deals: Buy or Lease a Ford
Milnes Ford in Lapeer, Michigan, is giving lease shoppers the power to buy low-interest financing incentives on many of its cars, trucks, and SUVs. Choose from an array of models including the F-150, Bronco and the Mustang with performance that packs punch; Edge SUV and Explorer for family adventures; Super Duty F-250 pickup truck for heavy duty jobs.

Which is the Best Ford Financing?

If you want a new car this June, but don’t have any money saved up to pay for it in cash—or if your credit score is too low—you might be looking at a financing deal. If you’re interested in trading-in or buying an upcoming 2020 model year vehicle, then there are some decent options available on behalf of our friends over at Milnes Ford in Lapeer County, Michigan! Most vehicles will come with either 1.9% interest rates for five years (on top of good trade-ins) which equals out to far lower than average national averages, 4.12%.

What are the Best Ford Incentives and Lease Deals?

Whether you’re looking to lease, buy or finance a car, Milnes Ford is your go-to. We’ve got the best incentives on any vehicle in our showroom; come by today! Milnes Ford wants to have you out of your car and into a new one this June. So, that’s why they’re offering the best deals on their 2020 models with up to $7,500 in cash rebates! Plus 72-month financing at 0% for as much as $4,500 in cash back rewards just by applying online.

Is Ford still offering 0% financing?

Ford has joined GM in rolling out a generous financing deal to help new car buyers amidst the COVID-19 crisis. According to a bulletin sent to dealers Wednesday, Ford is now offering 0% financing for 84 months across most of its lineup. This offer will only be available on 2019 models and does not apply outside of those vehicles.